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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Great Expectations - Great American Beer Fest Newbie

I’m finally taking a journey that I’ve wanted to take for over a decade: the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in Denver.  Other than a variety of beers -- which has drastically improved since I first heard about the festival -- I’m not sure what to expect.  Thankfully, I’m attending with a few friends who went last year.  So what did I pack?
Tasting Glass Lanier - check
This Brew Caddy will hold my tasting glass around my neck so that I don’t drop it and I can be hands-free for taking notes.  For the first two days, my tasting glass will be plastic, so if I drop it, I can simply wash the cup and keep using it.  The last day, I will have a glass.  This means that this lanier will be critical. If I break my glass, I don’t get a new one.
Pretzel jewelry - check
Since there are food venders inside of the festival, guests are not allowed to bring in outside food or drinks.  However, I’ve been told that people string pretzels around their neck and its ok because the festival organizers deem that as jewelry.  Ok, I’ll just go with it.  I’ve seen a few examples of people wearing pretzel necklaces, but I haven’t seen anything that’s terribly creative.  I’m hoping to find something that’s more inspiring and aesthetically pleasing. I considered making candy bracelets, but there are few wrapped candies that I think would go with the beers. 
Costume - no check
I’ve seen photos of a lot of people wearing costumes. One of my favorites was a foamy mug of beer.  I decided to go conservative this year and just wear comfortable street clothes. 
GABF mobile app - check
They finally released this app on the morning of Day 1.  There are some decent features - a map, brewery listings,  and beer listings - that will help me navigate this event. 
That was easy!  Let the fun begin!

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