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Monday, May 23, 2011

Beer Photo Friday: 34 Ways People Prepared for Saturday's Rapture

Last week's Beer Photo Friday was the day before the predicted Judgement Day on May 21.  Check out the pictures below to see how people spent the penultimate day.

@phillybeerguy ensured that Pliny the Elder made at least one last appearance on Beer Photo Friday.  posted a Dogfish Head Randall with bacon! (Check out the full size pic here: @BeerBrewin submitted a blog of pics ( .   toasted to the SF Giants. 

I'm so glad that we received so many photos last week.  It looks like the Picasa collage function can barely display this many pics.  I'm taking suggestions for other ways to compile these photos easily.

Thanks to these twitter peeps for their photos!
,, @phillybeerguy, @DerekFetsch, @BeerBrewin, @mikemanger, @ADAM___J

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