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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beer Photo Friday

Friday, April 22 was our second weekly Beer Photo Friday (twitter hashtag #BeerPhotoFriday)! People tweeted 23 photos of their beer, including 3 Lagunitas beers, 2 Dogfish Head beers, 1 homebrew, and a Schlitz.

Here is our tribute to all the beer photos we received last Friday.

We couldn't possible pick a favorite as we found enjoyment in each photo. When we look at @AllOverBeer's photo (, we see a camel shape in the foam. Also, you gotta love a beer with some kick. @vwrules57's beer ( has a serano chili in it. Our collage highlights the beer from @girlfromarizona (because it evoked the reaction "I-want-to-go-to-there!"

Every Friday, we'll be asking people to share their beer experiences on #BeerPhotoFriday on Twitter!

Special thanks to these Twitter folks for their pictures!
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  1. Nice idea. Happy to join in on the fun and now I see the camel!